Filling Material

The office of William E. Leboe DDS performs amalgam and composite natural teeth fillings, and you can discuss the option that is right for you with our dentist. Each type has a mix of advantages and disadvantages. Amalgam fillings are commonly used for the back teeth because their color is less appealing than the color of composite fillings, which are designed to match the tooth's color. Amalgam fillings are durable and last for many years, but they sometimes do require replacement.

What Fillings Correct

Fillings restore the original shape and function of a tooth that has been affected by decay, cracks, fractures, or natural wear and tear. The dentist removes the damaged portion of the tooth, thoroughly cleans the area, and replaces the missing portion with filling material. Composite and amalgam fillings are both great for fixing decayed or cracked teeth.

Getting a Filling

If you require tooth fillings, we can usually place them in one appointment. First, we'll numb the tooth so that you don't experience pain during the filling process. We'll then remove the decay and prepare the area before we place the natural filling. We'll also apply special medication for protection if the decay was present near the tooth's root. We place, shape, and polish fillings precisely so that they restore the tooth's original condition.
Patients commonly experience hot and cold sensitivity right after the placement of an amalgam or composite filling. You can expect this to lessen in time after the tooth adjusts to the new filling. After fillings, we send patients home with post-care instructions for proper oral hygiene. We'll also discuss eating habits and regular dental checkups to help your new filling last for many years.